Custom Print Size Pricing

By Jonna Hall Weber
Pricing for custom prints in larger sizes.
Custom Print Sizes

For shipping purposes, all work is ordinarily sold as print only.  Mats and frames can be priced on an order by order basis.

12" x 21" $325.00
15" x 27" $525.00
19" x 34" $775.00
23" x 42" $950.00
30" x 54" $1250.00
36" x 64" $1500.00
44" x 78" $1850.00
44" x 96" $1950.00

Images are available either Black and White or Sepia.
Photographs are printed on archival quality stock and are individually printed, embossed,signed and titled by Dann Hall and the Ross Hall Collection.

The large number for the print size is constant.  The smaller number may vary several inches either way according to the image cropping. 
Shipping for custom prints is 8% of print price for each print.

We look forward to serving you!

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