What People are Saying
Chicago Sun Times  2007
"Like a child with a net,  Ross Hall captured the butterfly spirit of small-town America."


Sandpoint Magazine  2004

"Ross Hall's photographs tell stories only a ghost could know." 

"His unique vision established him as one of the first photographers to elevate mountain winter scenes to an art form. With that accomplishment, he was a pioneer in the truest sense."

Country America October 1994

".one of the great scenic photographers of the century"

"Ross Hall compiled a stunning chronicle of the Pacific Northwest"


The World and I Magazine, September 1996

"We now have a priceless record of the magnificent American Northwest thanks to the late Hall and his remarkable fifty-year photographic career"


Paul Croy  poet laureate  Hope, Idaho

Author "Pioneer Pencil Dust" and "Old Blazes"

"He captured the spirit of the country like it should be captured; the type of people and the way the land was, and the way the pioneered atmosphere was it would have been lost without Ross Hall."


Sunset Magazine  Summer 2001

"Hall's black and white photographs adeptly chronicle the Pacific Northwest from the 1930's to the 1970's..look for the work of Ross Hall."


Hidden Idaho  Idaho travel guide  Richard Harris  1998

"There is no finer collection of photographs depicting Idaho the way it was.  Ross Hall toted his camera around Idaho with an insistence that the rough and tumble era of the old logging and mining camps, and of ranching, was ending, and so there is a documentary feel to much of his work.  He captured the slippery work of loggers in cork boots riding logs down the Clark Fork River, and the mood of cattle roundups in Western Montana, and a beautiful exposure of Memaloose Island in Lake Pend  d'Oreille, a spiritual site for native tribes."


Bonner County Daily Bee  Marlisa Keyes 

"Hall was such a talented photographer that you are first struck by the power and beauty of his images, then realize how much skill it took to make you notice the subject in the first place."


Spokesman Review  Julianne Crane  July 2002 

".a breathtaking series of photographs."


Outdoor Idaho television series 1997

"Idaho's own Ansel Adams"


Julie McFarland Rawson 2004

Letter after viewing exhibit

"Beyond the glory of Ross' techniques and superb eye, behind the camera, are the histories he captured for all time...the peoples, the customs, traditions and occupation.  I gloried on the wonder of it all.  What love!"

Eastwind Kodak Company 1940's

Honored as one of our country's top ten scenic photographers

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