Dann Hall

About Dann Hall  (1947-     )


Dann Hall, son of the late Ross Hall, is the curator of The Ross Hall Collection and the Hallans Gallery in Sandpoint, Idaho. 


Dann studied Political Science, Behavioral Science and art at the University of Idaho, UCLA, and the University of Florence, Italy.   He studied photography through the Sun Valley Art Center, the Air Force Photography Department, and various film projects as well as with his father, Ross. 


He has spent countless hours recording, printing and filing the glass plates and negatives which make up the Ross Hall Collection.  The 64 prints currently being offered online are a small representation of what is to come. 


"I'm amazed at how many times I can get lost for four or five hours in the negative file. I've been through it so many times, but I always find new ones." Dann says,
"Great photographs are determined by intent, skill and consistency," Hall said, "Ross' shots are perfect examples of all three."


Much of Dann's own body of photography focuses on surrealism and the pure love of nature, golf and Scotland. Some of his work is on display currently at the Hallans Gallery. 



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